Data Cooking: Analytics, validation and data transformation.

Data analytics

We build the fundamentals of your Big Data, evaluating, proposing and guiding companies to generate knowledge from the data, and what is even more important, turn them into a tool to improve profitability.


We provide a flexible team of expert professional profiles to reinforce the viability of your project.


We train professionals through real case studies for direct and immediate application in the work environment, with long-term training plans or high-impact programs.


We develop specialized projects for companies to successfully include Big Data in their business strategy and obtain critical information through measurable results. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to the existing technological environment or select the most appropriate in each case or implementation.


We cook data, models and services with new approaches. From our kitchen complex analytical models come out, enriched with data from internal and external sources that provide more accurate and effective information, forecasts and guidelines.


DDCore is a product that allows us to work quickly with large volumes of data using the latest technologies.

About us

We are an innovative company that uses the best technologies to perform excellent data analytics.
Innovation and technology

With a clear customer orientation and with interest in knowing and applying the latest technologies, we identify, advise and recommend the most appropriate and personalized proposals to improve the competitiveness of our customers.

Our mother house, TSD Consulting , has extensive experience in clients from all sectors of activity, having carried out projects in the fields of Standard Management Solutions, Bussines Intelligence, Big Data, Training, design and implementation of custom systems (departmental, web and mobility) and the design and packaging of products for Archive with Probative Value

  • Analytical

    With a multidisciplinary team with analytical thinking, positive, proactive and constructive attitude and with a clear customer orientation.

  • Serious

    A high degree of satisfaction expressed by our clients

  • Professionalism

    Always with the vision of the client but with the professionalism of a provider

  • Involved

    We are partners of



Innovation is in our DNA, which makes us continually look for challenges and opportunities that may arise by observing and talking with customers, suppliers, employees ...
Our methodology is based on identifying opportunities and turning them into products using the latest available technologies.
The alliance with the R&D company Segucom Europe brings us experience in the creation of new technologies.

Active projects:

  • DDCore: Validate and transform large volumes of data to help you with your loads and migrations.
    This project is already in an advanced phase of market penetration
  • DDCoreGui: A project designed to facilitate the parameterization of DDCore through a Web interface.
    This project is already available to our technicians.

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